- Nov 02, 2017 -

  Since ancient times, the application of wood is very extensive and its natural texture and moist touch can make human have a cordial feeling. But due to particularly long the frowth cycle, human's demand for wood is far beyond its growth cycle, which results great reduction of forest area.

  If you have a small garden, why not choose WPC product instead of wooden one. The characteristics of anti-corrosion, anti-water,and high temperature resistance increase the service life of products, and its brighter colors also can add a touch of modern atmosphere for your garden.


  The plastic decorative grille of surface treatmant of building can soften slghtly stiff wall, and increase the evelation level and texture contast, which makes the facade of wall more vivid and beutiful. This grille can prevent from the strong sunlight, and the gap between the batten can turn on natural ventilation, and thereby mainatain the indoor cool in hot day.

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