Outdoor Boundary WPC Waterproof Railing

Product Details

Production process

LYW WPC railing is made by special process(Extrusion) from disused plant fiber (wood/bamboo powder) and high density polyethyne(HDPE). All the product process is based on high temperature and high pressure under the supervise of our technician to make sure the good quality and natural & elegant looks of our blank skateboard decks wholesale products.

The main process is as following:

Mixing, Granulation,Extrusion

And then there will be embossing/sanding and cutting to complete. We can embossed natural wood texture, and cut them into different length.

Product Description

1.easy installation: could be cut, drilled or nailed. Adjustable specification and shape, very flexible.
2.products discard the disadvantage of wood, like chapping, distortion and color diversity, so it doesn't need to maintain regularly.  

3.the products has the fire protection, the waterproofing, the corrosion resistance, bears moisture, is not been destroyed by insects, not grow fungus, bears the acid and alkali, the non-toxic evil, does not have the polluction and so on the fine performance.

Model Number:L-RF010
Brand Name:LYW
Type:WPC outdoor railing
Material:60% wood/bamboo powder,30% plastic,10% non-hazardous chemical addives
Color:brown, grey
Features:Eco-friendly,non-pollution harmless and recyclable
Place of Origin:Zhejiang,China (Mainland)
Flame resistance:Low flame spread
Function: Waterproof, anti-corrosion, moisture-proof, wear-resisting, prevent slippery, mothproof, mildew, acidproof alkali


Composite Railing Quick Advantages:

1) Aluminum post, perfect appearance and strength, allows right-angled fencing installation. 

2) Aluminum top/ bottom rail, connected to post with Stainless steel L bracket; a   metal frame will make sure the stability of the whole structure.

3) Groove and tongue structure for WPC board, make all boards a completed screen against bending/ curving. 

4) Easy installation,  less screwing, Pre- drill at all screwing points.

5) WPC board several color available,  color mixing available,  Aluminum board/  Plexiglass board optional.

6) Different height and width available.


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