Eco Friendly WPC Integrated Housing for Public

Eco Friendly WPC Integrated Housing for Public

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What is integrated housing 

The integrated housing is a house that made by new concept of environmental protection and economic activities. The integrated housing uses light steel as frame, and sandwich panels as the building envelope materials, with a standard module for space series. Its components are connected by bolt. It can be also quickly and easily assembled and disassembled, leading the temporary buildings to achieve a common standard and establish the environmental protection and energy saving, fast and efficient architectural concept. And this also leads temporary housing into a series development, integrated production, matching of supply, inventory and repeated use of stereotypes revolving products.

Part one:roofing&eaves

1, Light Steel Frame  

2, OSB Board  

3, Insulation Layer  

4, Respiratory Paper  

5, Ventilation Paper  

6, OSB Board

7, Waterproof Layer  

8, Roofing Asphalt tile Part two: external wall 

9, Gypsum Board  

10,Light Steel Frame  

11,Sound Insulation Layer  

12,OSB Board  

13,Insulation Layer  

14,Respiratory Paper  

15,Wood Frame  

16,Exterior Wall Cladding  

17,Stell Belt Part three: suspended ceilling   

18, Structural Panel + Light Steel Frame + Sound Insulation Layer + Gypsum Board


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