Wood Texture WPC Balcony Pergola For Leisure

Product Details

Product Description

Model Number:LYW-15
Brand Name:LYW
Type:WPC Pergola
Material:60% wood/bamboo powder,30% plastic,10% non-hazardous chemical addives
Color:Black, wood, brown, grey, red, etc
Features:Eco-friendly,non-pollution harmless and recyclable
Place of Origin:Zhejiang,China (Mainland)
Flame resistance:Low flame spread
Technics:Wood-Plastic Composite Floorin
Function: UV protection



WPC Pergola is an attractive and dependable decking solution that will withstand the test of time.Each piece is knot free and consistent in size, colour and length,therefore eliminating the search for the perfect piece. It looks, smells and handleslike wood but has the durability of plastic.

Main features of WPC Pergola:

A.Looks and feels like natural wood

B.Durable , firm because of its high density

C.High degree of UV and color stability

D.Easy to install and low labor cost E.Requires no painting, no glue, low maintenance

F.100% recycle , environmental friendly, saving forest resources

G.Barefoot friendly, anti-slip, no cracking

H.Weather resistant , suitable from -40 to 60 ℃

I.Safe to use for many years

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1.What Are The Main Advantages Of WPC products?

First of all, the wood plastic materials are 100% recyclable; it is long-lasting, stable for the outdoor conditions, like sun exposure, rain, temperature ariations etc; it requires low maintenance; etc.

2.Why the keel is neceary for the intallation?

When we install the flooring, firstly the keels are fixed in the ground surface with the T-clip and then we put the solid decking board on the keels. You know the wpc decking board can't be put on the ground surface directly. For one thing, it can affect of the planeness of the flooring surface after installation. For the other thing, it is not good to control the drainage of the bottom, because the wpc decking board is mainly used for outdoor, which rains a lot. So keels must be used to hold the solid decking board when installed.

3.If there is one piece of the decking board broken, do we need to remove all the decking board to repair it?

No. If replce the broken decking, you need to break the clips of both sides of the broken decking and then take the broken decking out, it's easy.

4.What temperature the decking can bear?

-40°to 60°

5.Will color fade because of exposure to the sun?

ULTRA-VIOLET inhibitors have been added to our decking to reduce color fading due to extensive sun exposure. A slight change in color will occur but will retain this lighter shade through out the life of the product.

6.How should wpc be stored and handled? Whether at the timber merchant premises or at your own house awaiting installation,wpc should be stored in a dry, flat area under roof. Failure to keep packs dry in storage can lead to the growth of mould spores on boards. When moving product around, wpc should be carried on its edge.

7.Are there special tools required for working with wpc?

With wpc you can use standard power saws and drills. As with using any power tools, safety glasses and face masks should be used when cutting or drilling wpc. The wpc “sawdust” is a coarse, heavy sawdust that doesn’t tend to “float” in the air. This makes it very safe for handling.



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